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If you are a single mother or father and need support on how to resolve conflict with your son, you have come to the right place. Try the techniques below to next time you and your child experience conflict and you need to maintain your composure.


7 Tips to Resolve Conflict with your Son

1. Plainly explain the problem but remember to stay in the moment and don't talk about the past.

2. Talk in a calm tone- your son's brain is sensitive to screaming and shrill sounds during their formative years.

3. Make direct eye contact because it increases his ability to pay attention.

4. Express your feelings; this will give him a chance to empathize with you and process what's happening.

5. Ask how he feels after you finish the space to express his feelings in a respectful manner.

6. Articulate your final decision and make sure it's plain and clear.

7. Never say "you act just like your father" during a conflict. You want to stay focused on the conflict at hand without introducing external issues.

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