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About John Cameron

John Cameron is a Single Father, Educator, Entreprenuer, Behavior Specialist Consultant, Mobile Therapist. As a father,  John is dedicated to being a living example for his middle school aged daughter and his son, a first year college freshmen.
John attended West Chester University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education in 1990. After gaining teaching, counseling and administrative experience during the first 25 years of his career, John began to specialize in behavioral therapy and modification.
John is a self-professed go-getter and believes that faith without effort is nothing. That entrepreneurial spirit has contributed to the start of numerous ventures over the years, including a successful hair magazine and t shirt company.

Originally from West Philadelphia, John has always understood the challenges that young boys face while transitioning on Manhood. In 2011, John decided to combine his 25 years of professional experience in education and entrepreneurship with his passion for helping others by starting the CameronGroup

 John received his Master of Education degress from Wilmington University in 2005. John is also pursuing a second Masters degree in Education Leadership as well. John is a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated.



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